Displaying My Artwork


Mats & Framing

Some of my artwork is not offered framed. This keeps my shipping costs low, eliminates the risk of broken glass, and gives you the opportunity to select the framing option that works best for you and your decor. However, I’m happy to help if needed! Please feel free to contact me if a piece isn’t offered framed and you'd like me to assist.

Most craft or hobby stores carry a variety of inexpensive and nice looking frames that include mats. I try to make sure that all of my paintings are created in a standard size to make selecting your frame easy (but stores keep changing their inventory!).

It's not difficult to frame my artwork yourself with the options that are available. Keep in mind that most mats will cut off approximately 1/4" on each side of the painting.

After positioning the painting how you like it in the mat opening, I recommend using a couple of small pieces of archival (acid-free) tape to affix the top of the painting to the inside of the mat. It is not necessary to tape all sides, and this can actually be a bad idea because it can make the piece bubble when humidity and temperature changes take place. Archival/acid-free/document tape is also available at your local craft or hobby store, probably located with the scrapbooking supplies. 

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I hope that this page and these resources help. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me. Now, go forth and BUY ART! :-)