One of the most fulfilling aspects of my career has been the opportunity to undertake a wide array of projects. Each of these endeavors has provided me with the chance to learn, grow, and contribute in a different way. As a creative person, I enjoy assembling the necessary pieces to arrive at or surpass the desired outcome. As a compassionate being, I personally am rewarded by helping advance the vision of others who are working to make this world a better place.

Through Fans to Funds, I strive to offer similarly broad-ranging support. My mission is to help your not-for-profit affordably generate the awareness it needs to actualize its goals. If you’re looking for an answer that isn’t on this list of suggested services, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and see if my goals, skills, and passion align with yours.

Graphic Design

Bring your organization’s vibrant work to life and create a look and identity that makes you and your constituents proud. Toss those tired-looking brochures and flyers and try on a fresh, new, more professional face. I can even help you find an inexpensive solution for projects that require professional printing, snap the photos that bring your story to life, and write and/or proofread your content. Graphic design services offered include:
•    Brochures
•    Event Invitations & Collateral
•    Flyers
•    Annual Reports
•    Fundraising Appeals
•    Online Graphics
•    Posters
•    Promotional Product Graphics

Creative Writing • 

I have spent years crafting stories that illustrate the positive work of organizations like yours. I enjoy the journey of gathering the facts and information, undertaking interviews, locating the creative “hook,” and weaving them all together. I am experienced in working with people from all walks of life, from elected officials to prominent businesspersons to individuals with disabilities, and finding the best way to weave their and your story into the desired message. Creative writing services offered include:
•    Success Stories
•    Newsletter / e-Newsletter Articles
•    Fundraising Appeals
•    Campaign Collateral
•    Case Statements
•    Annual Reports
•    Website Content
•    Social Media Posts
•    Blog Posts

Social Media Presence

I love social media! If you aren’t using this avenue to tell your story, you are missing out on one of the best, most cost-effective ways to connect the public with your important work. Maybe you just need someone to sit down and chat with to figure out how to launch or improve your strategy and approach, or maybe you need help starting from the very beginning. From advertisement strategies to effective post ideas, I can help you devise an approach that gets results.

Photo & Video

It’s cliché, but true. A picture is worth a thousand words… and a video must be worth at least a gazillion. :-) Not everyone has an eye for what is attractive, compelling, or how to put your subject at ease. I’m not a professional photographer or videographer, and I don’t claim to be. However, I have a creative eye and a vision for how to tell your story. I am accustomed to respectfully working with people from all walks of life, bringing out their personality, dignity, and beauty and making it shine. In today’s digital world, photos and videos are vitally important, but also have a very limited shelf life. Let me help you find a way to meet that need without breaking the bank.

Grant Proposal Writing

I began my career in fundraising as a grant proposal writer. It’s my “Old Faithful,” and the good news is that the internet has made it much less painful than it once was. I can help you research potential grant funders to make your dream come true, review the proposal you've written and provide advice and edits, or see that proposal you just don’t have time for through to completion. Let me help make the grants process successful for your organization.