My Artwork - April 2017

April 2017 led me to the area surrounding Pensacola, Florida, then returning to the west for visits around Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; and Baker, Nevada. Most of my paintings reflected the Gulf Coast's scenery this month.

One of the things I've been working on over the past couple of months is "loosening up" my approach to art. While I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to receive artistic training throughout my life, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art (Painting emphasis), I feel that instruction hampered my creativity in a lot of ways. I often wonder what my creations would look like had I explored my my creative side independently. 

I personally feel that untrained and uninformed art is the purest artistic expression, which is one of the biggest reasons I have spent years collecting folk and outsider art. Most of the paintings I made this month were only loosely sketched with pencil prior to getting out the paintbrushes, and some were not sketched at all. This is a huge change from the meticulous beginnings I usually undertake.

I continued to be pretty productive, creating 9 pieces of art and an additional 2 "sketch" paintings, which I used as promotional giveaways. As always, except for the sketch paintings, my pieces were inspired by my travels and informed by my original photography. Many are already sold (thank you, dear friends - I continue to be humbled by your support!). As of this posting, 5 of these pieces are still available and ready to keep your walls company.

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So go ahead, go get yourself some art! 

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Casa Grande, Arizona: 4/16/17, 13:22:42

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama: 4/2/17, 13:45:20

Gulf Breeze, Florida: 3/29/17, 9:43:55

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama: 4/2/17, 13:45:22

Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida: 3/27/17, 11:32:01

Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida: 3/27/17, 11:27:53

Gulf Breeze, Florida: 3/31/17, 11:40:17

Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida: 3/27/17, 11:28:45

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama: 4/2/17, 14:32:48

Easter Giveaway "Sketch" Painting

World Penguin Day Giveaway "Sketch" Painting

Every $30 you buy in art helps keep me rolling on my adventure across the United States for approximately 1-2 days (gas is expensive!). I'm truly grateful to all the people in my life who keep me fueled up, both literally and figuratively!

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